Svenska Sällskapet

Established 1926

Glad jag månde med Asar mjödet I högsätet dricka

"Happy I would be sitting on a throne drinking mead with the Gods" 

Welcome – Välkommen

Sällskapet’s ändamål är att samla likasinnade män till befrämjande av det som är svenskt.  "The purpose of the Society shall be to gather like-minded men for the promotion of things Swedish".

Svenska Sällskapet (The Swedish Society) is a select group of men of good character who come together to celebrate their Swedish heritage. The Society meets on a regular basis to celebrate all things Swedish that include yet are not limited to Traditional Swedish Food & Beverages, Traditional Swedish Songs, and Swedish Jokes. The meetings allow members to harvest relationships and learn from keynote speakers presenting on diverse topics.


Svenska Sällskapet was formed in Minneapolis, Minnesota in 1926 by Nils Leon Jansson, Swedish consul to Minnesota and the NW States who served as President of Svenska Sällskapet from 1926 to 1931. Membership at that time was limited to 50 men of Swedish birth or descent of good character and who added to the credit of the Society.


History – Historia

Today – Idag


Svenska Sällskapet is a private men's social club with a membership limit of 100 members. The Society continues the traditions of the past by celebrating Swedish heritage throughout the year at regular member meetings and special events like the annual Golf Tournament, Fishing Outing, and Black-Tie Winter Gala. The member meetings consist of a Social Hour followed by Traditional Swedish Food & Beverages with a humorist to lighten the mood followed by a keynote speaker educating the members on an array of topics. Svenska Sällskapet became a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in 2014.